21 May 2018

There are plenty of reasons to see Deadpool 2, unless your name is Todd (you’ll understand once you’ve watched the film, sorry Todd).

Directed by David Leitch | Starring Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Julian Dennison

Our signature 4th wall breaking antihero is back except this time he is trying to be a hero… Kind of.

Deadpool 2 is fiendishly clever because as soon as it threatens to overwhelm with its meta upon meta upon meta humour, it just pokes fun at itself. Kind of like someone distracting you, and taking the last piece of pizza, and then winking at you. You can’t be mad because you were outsmarted, so you are forced to play the game which in itself is rewarding. You become like Pacman gobbling up references that are just obscure enough that you feel clever enough for deciphering them.

One of the biggest reasons to see Deadpool 2 is that there’s a Kiwi in it; Not the bird, the talented teen actor, Julian Dennison. Dennison plays Firefist (it’s pretty self-explanatory). You know, the guy from those government ads with the kids sitting in the cars discussing whose dad got higher before driving? He was also in a little thing called Hunt for the Wilderpeople, which propelled Taika Waititi into the Marvel Cinematic Universe also. Us Kiwis are taking over!

Deadpool 2 is basically Deadpool learning how to play with others. Most of the usual suspects from the first movie return; The Chrome Commie, Colossus, and his surly teenage counterpart Negasonic Teenage Warhead has picked up a girlfriend. T.J Miller/Weasel is still about and Josh Brolin who is incidentally in Marvel’s other current offering as Thanos plays futuristic villian Cable, but my favourite is Brad Pitt as Vanisher. Keep an eye out for newcomer Zazie Beets who plays Domino – her gift is ‘luck’, which, as Deadpool points out, isn’t really a superpower.

Add in the killer soundtrack, the epic slow-mos and the famous wet-yourself humour, and you’ve got yourself an absolute must-see. Fingers crossed these Deadpool films go the way of Sharknado because I am SO ready for Deadpool 6.


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Julian Dennison in Deadpool 2