01 May 2020

Stained Glass Tissue Paper Vase

Level 3 is not so different from Level 4 except…. you can buy ‘stuff’ online from heaps of stores.  With Mother’s Day just around the corner, what to buy and only online can be a bit of a minefield so what if the kids made something that didn’t come from a store but came from the heart?   A little bit of online shopping to help you out may be required but ultimately this crafty idea will be homemade and made with love.

Kids love crafting and when it’s made easy and the result is pretty awesome – not only will they love it but every time you use it, the memories of COVID 19 will come flooding back.

Not so bad was it?

So what are you waiting for; let’s get crafting!

What You Need:

  • Mod Podge – The Warehouse
  • Tissue Paper – The bathroom or your local supermarket, Kmart or the Warehouse
  • Foam brush – The Warehouse
  • Scissors or craft punch – Spotlight or The Warehouse
  • Clear candle holder (make sure your candle holder is clean and dry)
  • Glass Candle holder or old vase
  • Spray clear coat (optional)

What you do:

Step 1: Take your craft scissors or craft punch and cut or punch out your tissue paper. You can make any pattern you like, so have fun!

Step 2: Pour a little Mod Podge in the lid and place one of your tissue paper pattern pieces on the glass candle holder and brush it with the Mod Podge. Use the Mod Podge sparingly or it may wrinkle on you. Continue to do this until the entire candle holder is covered.

Step 3: Once you have completely covered the candle holder, let it dry for at least one hour or until it’s nice and dry.  Although the Mod Podge will dry clear and shouldn’t yellow or peel, I spray some clear coat on it for good measure but this is optional.

Now your Stained Glass Tissue Paper Vase is ready to fill with your favourite flowers for Mother’s Day; but wait, we are still in lockdown!

So…. Let’s make them with  paper, scissors and your amazing imagination!

Happy Mother’s Day all of you who are Mum-ing it in 2020.