21 August 2018

Congrats! You’re pregnant. That belly of yours is getting bigger everyday. And harder to dress everyday right?

I’ve just had my second wee one, so I’ve dressed one bump through summer and one through winter – I know how you’re feeling right now!

Do you cover the bump? Do you show off your new shape? Or do you just give in and wear your dressing gown everyday for 9 months (I considered it… trust me)

I wanted to share with you a few of my top tips that I’ve learnt, not only through dressing pregnant ladies as part of my job, but having gone through it twice myself recently.

Here are my top 5 tips for dressing your baby bump, plus some great pieces from your lovely centre retailers that will help you look and feel your best!


1 | Comfort is key

From day one this is important. Your body is going through so many changes so make sure you take care of it! But the good news is you don’t have to give up your style! Just look for clothing (and shoes) that are easy to wear. Lower heels (your feet and back will thank you) are a must.

2 | Stretchy fabric is your friend

Look for fabrics that will accommedate your bump, without having to be specifically maternity clothes. These garments will also be your friend post-birth, trust me.

3 | Embrace the bump

This doesn’t mean everything you wear has to be tight, in fact, a gorgeous, floaty maxi dress can embrace the bump just as beautifully as a fitted dress. I just mean enjoy the growing bump and don’t feel like you need to hide it.

4 | Think long term

Can you wear it as the bump grows bigger? Is it feeding-friendly? Will it have a place in your wardrobe after the baby arrives.
Sometimes things will just do a job for short time (and you never want to see it again after the bebe is born) but sometimes it’s woth investing in things that will serve you through multiple phases of your life.

5 | Invest in some maternity staples

You don’t have to go crazy on the maternity clothing (infact, 90% of my maternity wardrobe was ‘non-maternity’ clothing) but some staple pieces specifically designed to support and fit over the bump are a good idea. Jeans/pants and a top or two is recommended for that gorgeous growing body of yours.

Here are my fave picks that will help you navigate your pregnancy in style.

  1. Max “Marnia” ribbed detail dress $99.99 | 2. Rose & Thorne maternity bra from The Warehouse $45.00 | 3. Jeanswest “Amirah” cashmere blend cardi $79.99 | 4. Max “Lindi” metallic linen long sleeve tee $59.99 | 5. Just Jeans maternity skinny jeans $69.95 | 6. CottonOn “Lena” midi dress $24.99 | 7. Merchant 1948 “Secret” ankle boot in tan $279.90 | 8. Deuce “Adriana” trainer from Merchant $149.90