22 April 2022

A slow start to a very long action packed, edge of your seat movie.

The Ambulance is basically about a former U.S marine Will Sharp (Yahya Abdul Mateen II), a father to his young daughter and trying to source the surgery his wife desperately needs.  Will turns to his adoptive, charismatic, criminal brother, Danny (Jake Gyllenhall) for help.  Danny, instead of offering his help, persuades Will to assist him in a bank robbery.  Although Will is very hesitant, he eventually caves in to his brother’s charm, keeping in mind his financial needs.



Whilst the team of robbers have gained access to the bank, a young cop, persuades who he thinks is the bank manager, but in fact, Danny, to allow him into the bank under the guise of completing a quick transaction in the little time he has.  However, he actually had worked up the nerve to ask out one of the bank tellers, who is trying to keep her cool whilst having a gun pointed at her.  This is where things all go wrong and the cop is shot whilst Danny and Will attempt to get out of the bank.  A massive shootout ensues.  The brothers are surrounded by law enforcement and seize an opportunity to commandeer an ambulance that arrives to tend to the wounded cop.  Cam Thompson (Eiza Conzalez) is the paramedic who attempts to keep the cop alive whilst a wild chase takes place through the streets of Los Angles, with what appears to be the entire Los Angeles police department pursuing the hijacked ambulance, knowing that one of their own in fighting for his life.  Not only are the brothers trying to escape but they need to keep their hostages, especially the cop, alive.



Now, this was a rather long movie at 2 hours 16 minutes,  however, the action kept you on the edge of your seat, and the length was not noticed.  Gyllenhaal, Mateen and Conzalez portrayed convincing characters.

This is not an Academy flick, but a typical action-packed, popcorn-munching fest.  Despite some crazy unbelievable scenes, choppy camera work, miracle recoveries and cop shootouts, it’s good entertainment.


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