15 April 2020

How about a little entertainment that you can enjoy from home?

We were SO lucky to have super talented musicians at our Beats at The Brickworks  (BATB) in February & March (seems so far away now).

We asked them to share some of their music with us – so we can rock on with our socks on – and relive the event.

I don’t know about you, but I’m missing live music something fierce! I’ve been spending my free time scouting for events & performances. How about you?

This is part of our series, #TheGoodStuff, where we are sharing our favourite stuff with you to keep you entertained, supported and inspired!

Whether you were able to groove down to the tunes or watched from afar, EVERYONE is invited to support these fabulous artists. ROCK ON!

CampbellMack – Doing live request sessions on Instagram that called “InstaJam Requests” every weekend.

Follow on Instagram @ CampbellMackMusic (HERE)

Plus a new song called Second Self, which you can listen to HERE.

Jo Hilario – Releasing three new singles this month on: April 13, April 20, April 27.

Find out more on Facebook HERE.

And on Instagram HERE.

The actual releases can be found on the Website HERE,

For more go to:

Geoff Ong

Friday April 17 8pm: Geoff will be joining his friend Valere’s Instagram livestream HERE to celebrate the release of her new song

May 18: Geoff will have a new song and video featured on Radio New Zealand’s online outlets HERE.

May 20: Geoff will be playing live on on NicNak media’s Lockdown Livestream HERE.

Levi Lights On Project

They are really excited about plans to release their next single, Live To Be, some time in May to coincide with New Zealand Music Week.

This will be their 4th single release and the other 3 can be found on Spotify HERE.

HERE is footage of the boys playing their last release, Like A Tie, as a trio at BATB in February.

Mema Wilda

HERE’s a track from Mema on Spotify for you to enjoy.

There are also plans to get back in the studio to record as soon as the lockdown is over.

HERE is some footage of Mema playing her original track, Wonderland, at last year’s BATB on St Patrick’s Day.

Jarni Blair

Here are a few links to the latest music video and live solo session to accompany it.

You can also enjoy this song from the popular NZ act ‘Drax Project’ in December 2019 HERE.

I do LOVE seeing so many awesome collaborations happening, too. HERE’s one of my new top pick from other super cool Kiwi artists: Stay – Tūtahi.

This is extra special, as they are donating to Music Helps – supporting other artists affected by what’s happening. #APPROVED!