26 February 2021

Ahhh the hunt for the perfect denim short.

It feels like a never-ending quest sometimes doesn’t it. Denim shorts are almost always on my personal styling client’s shopping lists, but often prove to be one of the things they struggle with the most.

Most of us (especially those over 40) don’t necessarily want the “mom” shorts, but we also don’t want something too short, too torn, too tight, too long, too much pocket hanging out from under the leg (IYKYK), the list goes on!

We just want a pair of shorts we can rock in summer to the beach, or park or on play dates, but feel dressy enough to wear with a linen shirt out for coffee, or to daycare/school pickup without looking too sloppy.



Sounds familiar? Well the GOOD news is, I think I’ve found a few pairs that fit the bill for the ‘perfect’ denim short. Here are a couple of the main things I look for when hunting down the perfect denim short, either for me, or my clients:


1. Look for a slightly WIDER LEG. The wider the leg of the short, the slimmer your leg looks coming out of it

2. SIZE UP. I often find denim shorts sit just that little bit better if you go up a size, no matter what your size.

3. A MID to HIGH RISE is often more flattering than a really low pair of denim shorts. They feel more dressier, and also help me keep the mum tum in.

4. Play with STRETCH fabrics. There are so many amazing denim fabrics with heaps of stretch in them nowadays, so use that to your advantage. Stretch denim shorts will often also have a drawstring waist, which means you can adapt the fit to your body, rather than you having to fit into the perfect pair.

5. If you really can’t find a pair, MAKE YOUR OWN. I’ve been know to cut off an old pair of jeans I like the fit of to make my own shorts. This way you get to pick the length, and you know they fit! Just make sure you’re using a pair of wider-fit jeans, it won’t work so well with a skinny leg.


The hunt for the perfect denim shorts can definitely be daunting, but rest assured, there is definitely a pair (or two) out there that will work for you!


Here are a few of my top picks from your awesome SYLVIA PARK retailers that match what we’re looking for.



1. Forever New Isla mid-rise shorts | 2. Postie Women’s raw edge boyfriend short | 3. Amazon Riley walkshort | 4. Kmart distressed denim shorts | 5. Seed Heritage Paperbag denim short | 6. Zara Hi-rise ripped denim shorts | 7. Cotton On High rise classic stretch denim short | 8. Max Rachel denim short


Until Next Time, Happy Shopping
Cait xoxo