01 December 2020

It’s fair to say we all need an extra special Christmas this year. Filled with all the people, food and things we love. And one of the best ways to spread a little extra love is with an extra thoughtful gift.

But there’s no one way to find the perfect gift. That’s what makes it more special.

For Sylvia Park shopper, Gemma Jayde, a great gift is about more than just its price tag.

“When I’m buying a gift for someone that I’m really close with, the most important thing for me is having some kind of memory attached to it or sentimental value.”

For Joshiua, it’s much more about what a gift is, rather than what’s behind it.

“I need shoes. I need makeup. My friends always give me like the right stuff. They know they know what I need.”

And Phoebe prefers gifts that are artistic or well thought out.

“Even if it’s not necessarily, extremely intricate or extremely over the top, it’s still beautiful that someone took that time to think of you to give you something that they thought you might like.”

So when buying a gift for someone you love this year, start with what they would appreciate rather than what they necessarily want or need. And with over 250 stores, there’s only one place you need to look.