16 June 2021


Every style choice has a story behind it. Whether it’s a nostalgic hand-me-down, a confident print, a favourite shoe or a fierce blazer, it represents a choice to be you and its’s something we should be proud of.

Here are some of our fave styles we’re celebrating at Sylvia Park.




Quirky, cool, and easy – three words Sushi uses to define her style. “I would never leave the house in trackpants and slippers, I just love to dress up”.

This baby blue ensemble is everything you need to brighten up a dreary winter’s day. Our look of the day is sported by Sophie “I’m all about colour. Whether I’m dressing up or wearing a more casual look, it’s a great way to express yourself”.

Swooning over streetwear? Meet mum and daughter duo Michelle and Maddison who make a rainy-day outfit look effortlessly cool. Their shared love for fashion means they’re “super close, we even have matching tattoos”.

Star describes her style as very diverse – rocking a graphic sweater on the weekends and working part time as a Fairy girl. She has an array of dresses and streetwear one could only dream of.

“I have no set style and like to choose my outfit dependent on mood, today I wanted to grunge it up”. We’re loving Gian’s take on grunge, with modern trends coming together with 90’s distressed, ripped or torn clothing.

Meet fashion blogger, Instagram influencer and super mum of two, Katia. For her, style’s an outlet for creativity and expression. Things that she tries to foster in her two daughters, who love to dress up!

Inspired by Punk culture and music, Haley uses style to express what she loves in the shade she loves. 50 shades of black has never looked so good!

Some people just radiate positive vibes before you even get a chance to talk to them. Diana is definitely one of those people. “If you dress positive, you feel positive and this can make a massive impact on your day and how you feel about yourself. My style is inspired by my daughter, we got matching hair styles after she decided brushing long locks was getting to hard”.

Who says work and play can’t be fashionable! We loved chatting to work friends Letitia and Nanadan, in-centre on what inspires their style choices. Zara, H+M, and Kookai were on their hit list of go to stores to check out.

Sweater season is upon us! Tash was snapped in centre on the lookout for a sweater from her go to stores Stirling Women and Zara. She describes her style as being unique and a way of being true to yourself.

Style is an expression of who you are. Not just what you wear but how you hold yourself.”

We chatted to self-professed sneaker addict, Olly, who shared his take on style. Taking inspiration from American and European hip hop, Olly paired some staple sneakers, a print sweater and a pendant of his mum. We love it!

Meet the self-professed shopping addict Cameron, who describes shopping as his therapy and outlet. His favourite shops include Zara, Platypus and H+M.

We love self-expression and colour, which is why we fell in love with Janine. “Colour is my identity and I use my hair to show my identity”. She also loves vintage and mix and matching old and new.

Meet Mona, the queen of mixing and matching. She draws her style inspiration from online fashion sites and researching international trends. To her, style is a way to express yourself, and mixing different patterns and colours is how she expresses herself.

Meet our self-proclaimed ‘grown up goth chick’, Chelsea Smith. She uses style as a way to make her happy and express herself creatively. Working at Sylvia Park Dangerfield, she’s never short on inspiration either.

Sometimes style’s not so much about what you wear but how it makes you feel. For Kimia, who travelled with her daughter all the way up from Christchurch, style is a way to show her personality but also remain comfortable.

Casual and formal, old and new, dark and light, there’s nothing like a little juxtaposition when it comes to fashion. And whatever the pairing, just make sure you rock it like Aasha! Aasha likes to shop cost effective and is always on the lookout for a bargain, especially at her go to store Japan Mart.

Chantal is all about the three C’s comfort, colour and creativity! “Fashion to me is all about looking good and being comfortable at the same time. I also love that feeling of purchasing something special, and wearing it all the time because you love it”. What inspires your style?

“Don’t give up on that inner child inside”. Inspired by the 90’s craze that was Bratz, Talia and Alisha caught the flashback fever. “[We] love the days you can wear what you want whether it be baggy or flared and it still be called fashion.” We couldn’t agree more! What inspires your style?

Originally from Argentina, Julian brings that South American flair to all his style choices. Drawing from his passion and profession as a car mechanic, Julian was rocking a spanner earring and gingham check shirt that we absolutely love!

We love a good pop of colour. And so does Sam. Inspired by European winter fashion, Sam takes this winter look to a new level of chic.

Style to me is to feel good and not to letting others dictate what I wear” says Chanel-inspired Aribel. We’re loving her array of pastel tones and textures featured on her outfit

For Ahlia and Milly, style is all about comfort. Comfort in what you wear and who you are. They both feel most comfortable rocking 90’s inspired fashion with modern trends and textures

We caught up with Tony on the search for their next drag look. Inspired by the creative, queer and fem community that they’re involved in, they describe their style as a way of expression and creativity that gives them confidence. Hope they found those disco boots!

Who says you need to wear black and grey this winter? Not Annmarie. On her way to her favourite stores, Dangerfield, H&M and Zara, AnnMarie described to us how she loves adding a splash of colour to her outfit to brighten up her look and her day.

Skateboarding inspired style is even better in a pair! Meet Keith and Natalia, who were on the lookout for some flatting essentials and looked effortlessly cool doing it! Fashion to Keith is all about showing individuality.


What inspires your style? Catch one of our style ambassadors over the weekend in centre for your chance to be featured #SylviaPark