04 November 2020

Opening up more than ever


Celebrating the individual you are, starts with surrounding yourself with people who help you do it.

The queer community is a perfect example of this. With people from all sorts of backgrounds wholeheartedly welcoming and celebrating each other. It was through the queer Auckland community where Joshiua found the confidence to be more of who they are.

“As like a queer person [sic] you kind of have to build your own family…My friends have been the ones to help me find who I am, and like, and recognise and like celebrate that.”

For Gemma Jayde, it was less about who she met and more about what she did with them. Having a passion for hip hop dancing, she found empowerment to be who she was, through her fellow performers.


“Once you’ve actually spent time with the people that are you performing with and know them on a deeper level as human beings first, that really is a special thing to have.”

It was through art and movement where Phoebe found connections with people too. As a tattoo artist, they’re constantly meeting like-minded artists and art appreciators who use art as a form of self-expression.


“I used to be really closed off, and I think through meeting clients and through meeting other people, other artists, especially, I’ve been privileged to be able to… step into myself and have kind of lowered these inhibitions that I had about the idea of what I should be.”

Individuality is like a tower of blocks. You should be able to build them up in any way you choose, and surround yourself with people who protect it, not knock it down.


With over 50 new stores now open at Sylvia Park, there are more places than ever to build the you, you want to be, with the people who help you do it.

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