02 October 2020

Sometimes what you wear and how you hold yourself can mean so much more than looking and feeling nice.

It can give you the power to create the you, you want to be.


Joshiua discovered this power through doing drag.

“I was just putting together outfits every week, just so that I could go to the club and be known as like the fashion girl, you know, that was like my power.”

But the more Joshiua performed in drag, the more they realised that they weren’t putting on an outfit to become someone else, they were doing it to become more of who they are.

“drag just gave me the opportunity to…celebrate myself and let people celebrate me.”

Through style, Joshiua found a way to be celebrated for who they truly are.

But you don’t need to dress as fabulous a drag queen to feel as confident as one. You just need to dress in whatever makes you feel good.

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