02 October 2020

Each one of us is shaped by our own experiences, influences, wins and loses. And we think that’s something worth celebrating.

So we did.


We approached six unique individuals with a story to tell and gave them the stage to tell it in whatever way they wanted, using whichever word best represented who they are.

Milly spoke of her experiences belonging to so many cultures, at times she felt like she belonged to none. Her expression through interpretive dance gives her the strength to create her own culture.

Kaarina — a model, writer and historian of feminism in Ancient Rome — draws on the warrior spirit of Ancient Roman woman to be the best version of herself.

Gemma Jayde came out of the womb shimmying and Shaking. See more of her story about how her passion became her life HERE.

Phoebe expresses herself through how she moves and what she puts on her skin. They spoke to us HERE about how important creation and art is to them.

Joshiua’s journey to doing drag was their discovery of the power clothing gave them. See their story HERE.

Being a heavily freckled Maori boy, Hiwa overcame bullying and learnt to be proud of the uniqueness that his face has.

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