02 October 2020

Style can be many things beyond just what you wear. For Phoebe, how they’re dressed is just as important as how they express themselves through their art.


“Everyone’s able to express themselves in different ways…For me, I do it through tattoos and I do it through my clothing.”

Phoebe tends to stay away from shopping in certain sections. Instead, they go for whatever helps accentuate the art on their skin and make them feel like the best version of themselves.

But Phoebe’s expression through tattoos is just as much about looking a certain way, as feeling a certain way.

“Every time I get a new [tattoo], I feel like I’m coming more and more into my skin.”

And feeling like you’re coming into your own skin is one of the most important things about finding your own style. Whether that’s through a tattoo or a new dress, express who you are, and you’ll start to feel the exact same way.

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