13 March 2023


With 2023 off to a fast start, you can expect an abundance of shiny new Style Cuts, and … there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re ready for a big chop or not, we have all the inspo you need for 2023.

#1: Side Part

Adding a face frame or a side fringe is a quick and easy way to change the overall shape of any haircut. Whether wearing your hair up and sleek or out and voluminous – expect to see more of this classic style than ever before.

#2: Short and Shaggy

If you’ve wanted to ditch the length for a while now, there couldn’t be a better time to take the leap. But instead of your standard bob or lob, things are getting choppy and shaggy, aka the Shaggy Bixie.

#3: Curtain Bangs

Perfect if you’re keen to try out a ‘fringe’ but don’t want to leap in all in at once … plus, curtain bangs are a killer stand-alone look and create the ultimate lived-in, casual vibe. BUT, be warned … they require the same maintenance as any fringe, including daily styling and regular trims.


Stylist tip: We recommend investing in a round brush and a great dry shampoo to add texture and keep your bangs in check.

#4: Frame your Face

Layers are a trend that’ll never go out of fashion. They will give your ‘do’ shape and add volume and texture—a Style Cut you can’t go wrong with in 2023.

#5: Level up the volume

Bouncy, polished ’90s blowout vibes are having a moment once again. It’s the glamour alternative to textured beach waves, and we are here for it!

#6: Bedhead

We love when a trend is easy to follow, and nothing is easier than rolling out of bed in the morning. With the 90s so on-trend right now, it seems that messier, grunge-era styles are a natural deviation from the tousled beach waves that have been so popular in recent years.

If you’re keen for a new ‘do, head on into your local Just Cuts Salon, and one of our professionally trained Stylists will help you work out the best Style to shake it up while still feeling like you.


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