13 March 2023

March equals autumn isn’t necessarily an equation I support – not entirely. The first day of March heralds the arrival of autumn, many like to say. But, I’m more in favour of the equinox (March 21) marking the move from one season to the next. Think my way, and you can buy some summertime. My way of thinking can’t be solidly wrong, because as I write this, the sun is shining, we’re still wearing summer clothes and, actually, it remains jump-in-a-body-of-water kind of weather. So, yes, I’m eking out my favourite season with a blog dedicated to summer purchasing.  The things we associate with the cooler months can wait.



Actually, regardless of degrees of sunshine, now is a great time to shop as the sales are super, and it’s not silly to make the most of them in readiness for when summer next comes calling (hopefully more obviously!). Here are some examples I found… the Bean Bag Toss game is now $40, priced down from $159.90; and the 13 litre Outdoor Arctic Cooler Box was $199.90 and is now $80 (both from Bed Bath & Beyond). Other stores feature slashed prices too. At NOOD, for example, the featured Solace outdoor chair was $399 and now boasts a clearance price of $119. The big items, like outdoor umbrellas, are marked down too, as you can see by my Harvey Norman find at $299, and that’s always a big win. Freedom Furniture’s all about sales of late.

Some items I’ve included here because they just look so good – like the bamboo tumblers from Briscoes (four of them: total price $15) and the citronella candle. One item I’ve included because I need a new one – the Camelbak from Rebel Sport – as I’ve just arranged to bike the West Coast Wilderness trail. I’m sure you’ll find just the thing you need too, and given some of the prices out there, now’s a good time to go shopping. With our increasing costs of living, it makes sense to seek and embrace the sales. Have fun!

|1.Bistro 3-tier wooden pot stand/shelf (65x40x80), $69, from ifurniture |2.Florida 2.7m outdoor umbrella by Peros – blue, $299, from Harvey Norman |3.Vali Planter, $54.95-$109 (multiple sizes), from Freedom Furniture |4.Camelbak women’s circuit vest with reservoir, $149.99, from Rebel Sport |5.Somers lantern, $109-$169 (multiple sizes), from Freedom Furniture |6.Solace chair, $119.00, from NOOD |7.Maxwell & Williams Golden Summer bamboo tumbler set, $15, from Briscoes |8.Boston Living Summer Garden, citronella candle (11x11cm), now $26.99, from Briscoes |9.Play the Field Bean Bag Toss game, $40.00, from Bed Bath & Beyond |10.Outdoors Arctic Cooler Box (13 L), $80.00, from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.