30 November 2021

“I want to break free…” are the Queen song lyrics that may well be reverberating around the heads of many Aucklanders of late.



The 100 days of lockdown milestone has just been and gone, we’re inching closer to the open-border days, and we’ve recently been given some deadlines around overseas travel – our phased border reopening from January 16. Freedom is a front of mind word. Don’t you just love asking people where they’re heading first once the borders open and we’re free to spill out and visit special people beyond Auckland, and holiday way, way beyond our back yards and local picnic spots. “Bliss”, “joy” and “home” have long been favourite words of mine. I think “free” has earned a place there too.

So…freedom to travel has inspired the majority of my selected product this week. Luggage, beach bags, toiletry bags, drink bottles, tents, sleeping bags, navigation devices can all be found at Westgate Lifestyle. And, because the temperatures are rising, I’ve also included a cool sun hat, as well as rattan cutlery holder – just perfect for transporting cutlery outside to the barbecue, or for alfresco dining in general. As for the clock… it’s just incase you are needing to mark time until the release date, and it’s coffee themed as that’s my daily pick up beverage of choice. Hopefully these will help when it’s time to get ready and go!

Make sure ahead of time that you’ve shopped for what you need so that you’re primed for a well-deserved break out.


|1.CLKDJ wallclock, $10.00, from ifurniture |2.Wilderness 4 person scout tent, $159.99, from Rebel Sport |3.Navman Cruise650MMT GPS Navigator, $259, from Harvey Norman |4. Sirene Women’s fray edge wide brim hat, $19.90 from Bed Bath & Beyond |5. Sol glass water bottle – deep sea green, 850ml, $39.99. from NOOD |6. Rocky Mountain sleeping bag, eclipse, $119.99, from Rebel Sport |7. Seaside Supplies bailey stripe beach bag, $30.00, from Bed Bath & Beyond |8. Korjo hanging toiletry travel bag, black, $39.99, from Briscoes |9. Rattan cutlery holder, white, $42, from The Importer |10.Verage Crust trolleycase red $179.99-$269.99, from Briscoes.

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.