07 November 2022

My husband is not a great shopper. He was in the car the other day when I pulled into the Westgate Lifestyle carpark. I wanted to go and check out a few things in Bed Bath & Beyond (I do love that big store, currently jam packed with summer-themed deliciousness) and presumed hubby would remain in the car.



A lot can happen in 15 minutes, you know. I came out of my chosen store with a Christmas gift or five and discovered my husband had escaped the car and spent time in the Godfreys store. It turns out that Santa is now going to bring us a Tineco cordless stick vacuum cleaner. It’s recommended by consumer magazine, has two batteries, and there’s an attachment for car interiors… or so I’m told. There you go! What a fortuitous wee trip that was. Sometimes it just pays to get hubby to tag along. And three cheers to anything that makes housework easier or inspires your partner to partake thanks to the new ‘toy’.

Meanwhile, back to Bed Bath & Beyond, I have started shopping for my sons, and so this blog is a bit bloke focused. I achieved my goal of acquiring a few of the Raumati picnic baskets for two of my boys (at a great, reduced price) and some beach towels too. It’s a nice feeling to get the Christmas shopping under way.  It’s just as well my children don’t read these blogs, otherwise they may get a bit of an idea of what could, quite feasibly, end up under the tree. I know one of them would like the masculine diffuser, the desk-top fan and the speaker too. Another would benefit from the chilly bag, another would enjoy the backyard quoit set, and a few would eye up the pizza recipe book. All could do with new beach towels. I’m the one coveting the desk-top fan.There’s no lack of great ideas out there. Oh, and for a bit of fun, how about that Santa-themed jersey (with the LRD lights) – it would be handy to have one of those in our home’s dress-up box. And, if you have a pooch in the family, check out the cute dog bandanas available at Bed Bath & Beyond, out in time for Christmas. Too cute!

|1.Tech.Inc 11.6 inch hard-shell chromebook case (navy), $26.95, from Warehouse Stationery |2.Regent quoits set, $49.49, from Rebel Sport |3.Coleman soft cooler 30 can, $53.99, Rebel Sport |4.Fire & Slice book, $26.99, from NOOD |5.Pandora oil diffuser – peppercorn & mandarin, $59.99, from NOOD |6.Goldair select rechargeable personal fan 10cm, $24.99, from Briscoes |7.Marley get together 2 portable Bluetooth speakers, $297, from Harvey Norman |8.Christmas wishes reindeer LED light up adult jumper, $53.90, Bed Bath & Beyond |9.Seaside Supplies dyed Jacquard velour beach towel cayman 86X160cm, $29.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond |10. Outsidings Raumati Picnic Basket, tropic, $34.90, Bed Bath & Beyond.


Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.