27 October 2020

I’m writing this from wonderful Martinborough as tomorrow we will be tackling the Rimutaka Bike Trail.

Last month we were up north biking the Twin Coast Bike Trail, so we are ticking a few of these great off-road rides from our “to do” list. As well as biking, there will be some light-hearted tennis competition.

Like many Kiwis we are having a fabulous time holidaying in our country… for obvious reasons. And what a fabulous country to explore.

How lucky we are to have the freedom to do so.


And so, inspired by these wonderful excursions I have decided to make this blog about celebrating the outdoors – just getting out and having fun in our glorious country.

That doesn’t have to be hundreds of kilometres from home; it could be just about having fun with the kids in a nearby park, which is why I have included some outdoor games in my product selection. Maybe it’s about encouraging your children to simply get outside, and some pavement chalk may well provide just the incentive.

As a side… there are some things like pavement chalk, play dough and the bats and balls I found at Briscoes that are just fun (I think) regardless of age.

For those keen for active outdoor entertainment, a fit bit or go-pro purchase could be in order.

Where I am, enjoying Labour Weekend, the sun is shining, and I am thinking people will be reaching for beach towels (and togs or light-weight wetsuits) before too long. If you need the gears (as in clothing) to look the part, Rebel Sport has plenty to offer.

NB: One of my girlfriend’s biking with me feels I should share her outdoor mantra which is as follows: “I love the outdoors; which means I enjoy drinking on decks.” Cheers to that and shopping in readiness for outdoor fun – however active!

1.Springsuit extreme limits, mens, $99.99, from Rebel Sport |2. Esprit Capri beach towel, $59.99, from Briscoes |3. Silver Fern trainer touch ball amber blaze, $24.99, from Rebel Sport |4. Outdoors 4-in-a-row garden game, $59.90, from Bed, Bath & Beyond |5. GoPro sports kit, $199.99, from Harvey Norman |6. Puma women’s studio lace crop top, $49.99 from Rebel Sport |7. Koopman water ball set, assorted, now $4.99, from Briscoes |8. Hoopla, $99.00, from NOOD |9. Crayola sidewalk chair 12 pack, $7.99, Warehouse Stationery |10.Fitbit Inspire 2, Desert – rose/black, $199.95, from Harvey Norman.

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