26 December 2019

One of the super cool things about Christmas is the fun doesn’t stop at the end of the day.

Christmas, to me, is about so much more than a day. For starters, I love the lead up – the anticipation.

If you’re skeptical about that comment, just look in the face of a child, full of the magic of Santa.

I get excited knowing I’ve nailed it on the gift front (I put a lot of thought into gift-buying) and I love the food prep too.

Kitchen gifts to give this Christmas


By the way, I made my first, ever, pavlova the other day. I served this success story up to guests on my new duck-egg blue Simon Gault plates, recently purchased at Briscoes (see photo below – sorry, no pav in the photo. Long gone!)

There are truly beautiful things to be found in the crockery isles at Briscoes (I also own a stack of the rice bowls pictured).

Before I tackle pavlova number two, I’ll be needing to invest in a new whisk, hence my inclusion here of one option found in Kitchen Things.

Anyway… then there are the days after Christmas.

There’s the opportunity to hit the shops to make the most of the sales, and to spend those Christmas vouchers. Ah, the choices those vouchers offer.

I’ve included here things that caught my eye, like the stylish planter from Freedom and the diary from Warehouse Stationery.

Perhaps the incentive to head to the shops is to buy things to enjoy playing with over summer (like the beach cricket set from Rebel), or things to aid with relaxation (you’ll be spoilt for choice at Westgate Lifestyle if looking for loungers).

Perhaps you end up heading to the shops for some additional camping gear? I thought the folding bucket (Rebel) looked like a great idea, and that’s one impressive chilly bin (Briscoes) I found – it holds ice for up to five days.

And, of course, the days after Christmas tend to equate to days off and an excellent opportunity to enjoy our sunny weather. It’s a celebratory time.

Those days may no longer be Christmas day, but it’s the time to celebrate family and friends. So, I’m wishing you all days jam-packed with festive and fun times…and shopping.

Great Christmas gifts


1. Bosch MSM88195AU Blender, $299, from Kitchen Things |2. Karukusa rice bowl, $4.79, from Briscoes |3. Seaside Supplies black white citronella candle, $8.40, Bed Bath & Beyond |4. Igloo BMX 72 chilly bin, $249.99, from Briscoes |5. Monthly chalkboard planner, $24.99, from NOOD |6. Game Zone plastic cricket set, $14.00, from Rebel Sport |7. Kotori planter black and natural, $74.95, from Freedom |8. Dats diary 2020, assorted A5, $9.99, from Warehouse Stationery |9. Caribee folding bucket 10 litres, $29.99, from Rebel Sport  |10.Cefalu outdoor cushion, 18×50, $44.95, from Freedom |11. Simon Gault café series blue oval plate 28.4cm, $8, from Briscoes |12. PS4 Marvel Spiderman(M), $69.99, Harvey Norman.

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. Some may even be cheaper in Boxing Day, etc, sales. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.