18 July 2022

The Met Service app hasn’t been a happy one to visit of late. There’s lots of grey and nowhere near enough sunny, yellow faces.



Yes, it’s winter and we don’t live in the tropics, so it’s to be expected. But, if you’re anything like me, a few visual pops of wonderfully bright colour here and there help the mood. I caught myself commenting “oh, look at those beautiful red chairs” while watching something on the screen the other day. They may have been a background detail but they’re what totally caught my eye and evoked the enthused, cherry outburst. If colour pops fill your heart with joy too, then no doubt you have a few in your home and/or wardrobe. If not (or if you feel you need more) that’s easy to rectify with a quick trip to the Westgate Lifestyle stores, where there are many bright décor and clothing options in amongst the more subdued natural tones. The metal fruit bowl is indeed black, but add some citrus, bananas, apples, pears (you get the picture) and you have delicious benchtop brightness. I love the multi-coloured hat I found at Rebel – and then had to include the kids’ one in my product line up too. I recall keeping hats on children’s heads can be tricky sometimes, but with a monster hat so cool, that may not be an issue. The Importer is, of course, an excellent place to head for furniture painted in various hues (its oriental range); NOOD’s products always include colour pops, and bear in mind that lamp shades have transformational powers. And yes, I even found a few red chair options. If winter’s leaving you feeling a little flat, then go seek and find some colour bursts that make you smile too (the many sale prices will make you feel good too). Happy shopping.

|1.Buff knitted troy polar hat, $49.99, from Rebel Sport |2.Buff kids monster knitted hat, $49.99, from Rebel Sport |3.Oriental painted cabinet, $2,695, from The Importer |4.Egg chair replica, fiber glass and wool, from $939.00, from ifurniture |5.Madera pink/timber large table lamp, $79.00, from Lighting Plus |6.Studio tumbler, $44.96, from Freedom Furniture |7.Design Republique dash metal décor fruit bowl, $54.90, from Bed, Bath & Beyond |8.Oriental painted chair, $395, from The Importer |9.Sleep Camila chenille slipper, $19.90, from Bed, Bath & Beyond |10.Tray top ottoman – burnt orange, $149.00, from NOOD.

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.