16 November 2021

Summer has arrived, spirits are high, and holidays are just a few weeks away. Hello, December! Can you believe it’s the end of 2021 already? 


This year has been filled with plenty of highs and lows for everyone, but it’s nearly the time to sit back (champagne in hand) and take a minute to celebrate every moment we get to spend with our family and loved ones. After all these lockdowns, I think it’s safe to say, we all deserve it. 


This month’s celebration starts with Christmas, and that means decorating!


We all know that Christmas time can become a little chaotic. It’s a time that favours the organised. When shopping becomes an Olympic sport and budgets are squeezed down to the last dollar. In between all the shopping and – let’s be honest – early release Christmas movies, decorating is usually the final task left on our to-do list. Not this year, though! This year I’m bringing to you the ultimate budget-friendly and time-sensitive guide to transforming your space into a Christmas wonderland.

Step One: The Christmas Tree

Now that it’s December, it’s time to put up your Christmas tree, and when it comes to making your house a festive space, this is the best place to start. Not only is it the focal point of the room, but decorating it can be a great bonding experience. Many hands make light work, after all! So grab your kids, friends or family and get creating. 


The great thing about buying a Christmas tree, and decorations, is that if you care for them well, they can last a lifetime. This is also why I recommend buying an artificial tree over a pine – they’re affordable, and they’re easy to clean up. It’s a win-win!


To start off your decorating, I would pick a Christmas tree with built in fairy lights to give it that “Northern Hemisphere” feel, with minimal set up required. Who doesn’t love the idea of a cosy Christmas after all? Next, start layering your baubles however you prefer. I love to mix and match textures and shapes to add interest. The key here is to stick to one colour palette when picking them out – warm toned or cool toned – so that you can easily mix and match decorations as your collection grows each year.


Step Two: The Presents

There are two types of people in this world: early Christmas shoppers and late ones. No matter who you are, this next step is for you. If you fall on the early side, I recommend wrapping them as you get them. If you’re late (like me) you can always get crafty and wrap boxes you have lying around the house to fill the space until you do.

Step Three: The Centrepiece

With the right decorations, some strategic placement, and a little bit of creative flair, you can easily transform your dining table into one that rivals your favourite Christmas Pinterest board on a budget.


I like to start with beautiful mistletoe wreath to set the tone. Next, add a candle to the middle and then wrap a contrast leaf garland with built-in fairy lights around this to add layers to your centrepiece. Then, you can continue to run this along your dining table and light it up once the sun sets for added ambience. Lastly, add a collection of Christmas decorations to your table to give it that extra festive touch.

Now that all the decorating is done, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Pop a bottle, share a Christmas cracker, enjoy some tasty food and the summer sunshine. I hope you all have a great time celebrating this holiday season – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!