11 December 2020

Over the last two blogs we’ve looked at gift ideas for females and then males, both with a clear focus on grownups. Now it’s time to home in on the little people – the ones for whom Christmas holds special excitement and wonder.



There’s no need to go to the bigger malls to find a range of ideas. Westgate Lifestyle has plenty to offer and much of what I found to feature here involved special prices. It wasn’t intentional, yet all but one of the items I selected cost less than $50, so this blog has morphed into one that could be titled “great present ideas for kids, at sub $50 prices.” If you’re working to a budget, then these affordable prices may mean an extra present under the tree! There’s 30 percent off the flask I found and the body boards too, 31 percent off the desk lamp, meanwhile the price of the backpack has been slashed by 50 percent, and $10 has been taken off the cost of the watch. There’s an incentive to shop… that and the fact Christmas and summer holidays aren’t too many sleeps away.

While shopping with children in mind, I’ve found items set to please active young ones and to encourage children to enjoy the outdoors, product to inspire creativity, and one or two things to zhuzh up a bedroom. Oh, and the road-map rug I found initiated a lovely trip down memory lane back to the days when my children were pre-schoolers and we had one. Many a matchbox toy was driven over that road map, accompanied by the mandatory brmm brmm noises. So many possibilities. Go shopping and get caught up in the excitement of knowing you’re adding magic to a little person’s Christmas. It’s hard not to feel straight out jolly about that. Merry Christmas!

1.Standard mouth hydroflask watermelon 210z 621ml, $48.99, from Rebel Sport |2. Turtle Beach Recon gaming headset, for PS4, $39.95, from Harvey Norman |3. Busy town kids mat, $49.99, from Briscoes |4. Hopscotch shark backpack, blue, $20, from Briscoes |5. Sculpey EZ shape modelling clay 20 piece colour sampler, $14.99, from Warehouse Stationery |6. Niko & Co kids lion cushion, $14.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond |7. Funtime slap band watch, $24.49, from NOOD |8. Brain box 180 experiments, $45, from Warehouse Stationery |9. Job LED desklamp, $40.71, from Lighting Plus |10. Maddog speed body board assorted, 44 inch, $69.99, from Rebel Sport.

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Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.