18 February 2020

I’m going to make a bold statement here.

Sometimes you just have to part with some serious coin (well, more than $1,000, anyway!). And before you hide under your 20 year old mattress, hear me out…


This reality is front of mind for me as I have just purchased a laptop for one of my children. Also, my husband did a mathematical equation the other day that presented the reality that our bed is practically a fossil and needs replacing.

Thinking back over recent years I know that each time we have been shopping for big items it has ended up being such a wise/enjoyable move. There’s the 65 inch TV, the French-door-styled fridge, Sonos wireless speakers, and the comfy and smart outdoor furniture, for example.

So now we are replacing the bed and, of course, we’re spoilt for choice at Westgate Lifestyle when it comes to retail outlets to assist in this purchase.

Oh, and I must buy that vacuum cleaner! While out looking at things like beds and vacuum cleaners I added some visual joy to my shopping.

I went a little gaga in Hunter Furniture, for example, when I saw the array of dining room chairs on offer. How cool would the ones pictured look around my rimu table? And then check out the super-modern dining table I found (not my style, but, wow all the same.)

When not writing this blog, my working life includes compiling house stories for magazines. Media rooms are big, and so is the range of furniture suited for such a space – case in point, the seating I found at La-Z-Boy.

If it’s furniture you are after, then Westgate Lifestyle has a plethora of outlets where you can go seeking and finding – welcome to Lifestyle Furniture and iFurniture. I’ve certainly had fun with my findings.

As a side note, I started out writing about items priced over $1,000 but found plenty of great deals (including wonderful sales) for less than that. BONUS!


1. Miele complete C3 family bagged vacuum, $549, from Godfreys |2. Lyon ultra plush bed, $2,799, from Bed Post 1 |3. Samsung SRF533DLS533L French Door fridge freezer with water, $2,599 from Kitchen Things |4. Soli dining chair, $699, from Hunter Furniture |5.Smai Kiax punch master numbered black/white, $699.99, from Rebel Sport |6. Chester 3 Seater, $499.00, from Lifestyle Furniture |7.Oriental Console Cared, $1,495, from The Importer  |8. Sonos Play:5 HiFi wireless speaker Generation 2, $847, from Harvey Norman |9.Spirit CG800 E-glide elliptical cross trainer, $2,999.99, from Rebel Sport |10. Oblo dining table, $4.999, from Hunter Furniture |11. Natural jute rug, $1,290, from Rugs & More |12. Acer Aspire 3 15.6 inch laptop, $1,399, from Warehouse Stationery.

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.