14 June 2022

The shortest day of the year is just around the corner. This is great, right? Well, I thought it was until someone mentioned the other day that we get our coldest snaps after this June 21 date.


You just can’t wish winter away, but you can make it better! I think winter is the perfect time to add heart to your home – warm it up (both actually and visually) and dish up hearty food. We spend more time than usual inside over winter, so it makes sense to attempt becoming a connoisseur of cosy (and maybe casseroles too).

If you didn’t make the most of the Queen’s Birthday weekend sales, then now could be the time (a quieter time) to head to our stores to score some cold-weather essentials. Rest assured, the majority of the long weekend’s sale prices remain. Heaters, dehumidifiers, electric blankets, hot water bottles, breadmakers, throws, candles, lush rugs, snuggly bean bags and pyjamas, warm sweatshirts…all can be found in at least one (usually many) of the Westgate stores. Add to that all the things I have chosen to feature in my product listing this time: draught stoppers, flannelette sheets, an air fryer, artwork and dried flowers (for the visual warmth component), a wool cushion, a fur throw, a hot water bottle cover, a crockpot/multi-cocker, and a lamp (to emit a warm glow and add ambience). All conspire to make winter more wonderful and the use of some – such as hot water bottles, draught stoppers, throws and flannelette sheets – help to keep the power bills down too.

If you need further incentive, then remember our stores are warm too. Come on in and have a browse.

|1.Russell Hobbs Brooklyn Air Fryer 5.7L RHAF15, $299.99, from Briscoes |2.Kohi table lamp natural, $137.94, from Lighting Direct |3.Valet Cosmo draught stopper, $14.99, from Briscoes |4.Grizzly bear fur throw small, $129.95, from The Importer |5.Crockpot express crock multi-cooker CPE200, $269.99, from Briscoes |6.Matabi cushion – natural, $89.99, from NOOD |7.Hush printed flannelette sheet set, from $39.90 to $67.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond |8.Faces framed canvas, $499.00, from NOOD |9.Dried look flower arrangement, $142-$207, from Freedom Furniture |10.Hush fleece heart stitch hot water bottle cover, $7.40, from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.