15 December 2021

The big task on most peoples’ minds this week will be Christmas shopping. Getting the right gift for people is something I expend a fair bit of energy on. Get it right and it’s like a gift that keeps giving – you get the buzz out of witnessing the recipient’s delight. I am one of those people who gathers things during the year when I spot something that is just right. However, I always leave the bulk of my shopping until close to Christmas so I can enjoy the cheerful bustle, the jolly carols and the stores bedecked in yuletide finery.



On the flip side, I appreciate that Christmas shopping for some is more of a chore than a delight, so here’s to making this easier. I’ve included an assortment of present ideas this week, from an electric wok (first cab off the ranks because I want one), to a foot spa (who wouldn’t want one), to a book about intrepid campers and their adventures (which is topical given summer holidays are nigh). The latter I found in NOOD, which is where I also got excited about the Design Your Own Tote Bag. I do have a thing about gifts that inspire creativity (and can provide some out-of-the-sun holiday activity), so am also featuring the make a bracelet kit, found alongside other great craft kits at Warehouse Stationery.

Flies drive my husband crazy, so I simply had to include the round food cover, from The Importer. Can you have too many baskets, I pondered while wandering around that store? They just serve so many purposes, like housing plants, rolled up beach towels, toys…you get the picture. They are available in a number of Westgate Lifestyle stores. The pink cushion looks and feels wonderful, the toiletry bag offers a bright splash of colour worthy of summer, and many a teenager would love the wonderboom… all the better for belting out those Christmas carols. Enjoy finding those perfect gifts, or, if that’s just too hard this year, remember there are gift vouchers available at Westgate Lifestyle stores.

|1.The Recreationalists: Intrepid Kiwis and Their Campers, $49.99, from NOOD |2.Round food cover, natural, $15, from The Importer |3.Home Chic Cassia Toiletry Bag with Handles, $44.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond |4.Whitewash basket (two sizes), from $45, from The Importer |5.Homedics Pedi Luxe foot spa FB251, $89.99, from Briscoes |6.Make it Real kit bracelets, $12, from Warehouse Stationery |7.Pom Pom cushion, $54.95, from Freedom Furniture |8.Breville BEW300BLK 5 litre, Healthsmart wok, $229.99, from Briscoes |9.Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Unicorn, $169, from Warehouse Stationery |10.Design Your Own Tote Bag, $44.99, from NOOD.

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.