19 October 2020

'Love Is A Relief'


‘Love Is A Relief’

The tiles in these relief walls by Levi Hawken are four letters that spell out the word ‘Love’. Possibly the most important word of all time. A word that brings us together and is the opposite of hate. A word that signifies unity and togetherness, accepting and forgiveness, admiration and dedication. In these troubled times some might say Love is the most important word, a word to unite all races in the world and bring us together as one.


In this work letters emerge from a wall of solid cube shaped blocks. Evolved abstract letter forms, a resurrection of the ones Levi once decorated the walls of our city with sometimes illegally. Long lost spray painted artwork that has become encased in the walls by grey anti graffiti paint, entombed but still ever present, now re-emerging from this wall stronger than ever. From outside of society to the inside, an altered perception but the motivation has always been the same. Love.



Level 1 parents’ room


About the artist

Levi Hawken (b. 1975, Auckland, New Zealand) is an artist whose work is inextricably tied to the myriad influences that have shaped his life. From the urban subcultural worlds of skateboarding and graffiti, to working with concrete and nature, the frustrations, processes and potentials inherent in these activities have manifested their influence throughout his studio output.