07 February 2023

It’s time to feel awash with love. Lousy weather will come and go, but hopefully those romantic relationships so important to us are here to stay. How to keep romance alive? Acknowledging Valentine’s Day may be a starter. Showing your love by way of a gift – whether an actual one, or the gift of time – is recognised as a good way to celebrate this official day of love. There’s no need to spend a whole heap – candles, for example, can be associated with setting the scene for romance and they’re available in a variety of Westgate Lifestyle stores. That’s an obvious one. The beautiful diffuser I found is also a scene setter and it’s a great gift if you’re buying for a guy too (I know this as my son just bought himself one!)



So, what’s the rationale behind the other gift ideas I have included here? Back to the gift of “time”. I’ve included a puzzle here, and a picnic hamper, and a hiking sun hat. All speak to the “spending time with each other” idea. The ipad’s included in case your relationship incorporates a long-distance component and there’s the need to communicate via FaceTime, or whatever. As for the illuminated noughts and crosses (hugs and kisses), they just look like a bit of fun. If you think they’ll go with your décor, then now’s a good time to bring them home. The drinks/food trolley is an nice addition to alfresco dining plans – perhaps your way of showing love is through food. I feel the satin night gown is self- explanatory; the beach towel, not so – I’ve included it because it’s called “Catch of the Day”. Having said that, a beach holiday for two (and the kids, if you feel inclined) would be just lovely, if the sun shines, and Valentine’s Day would be a good time to suggest such a treat. Remember, there are Westgate Lifestyle Vouchers available too, which may be handy indeed, especially if none of my ideas are doing it for you. That’s the thing isn’t it – you have to speak the love language that works for you. Here’s hoping you get it right on Valentine’s Day – February 14. Make an effort – after all, what’s not to love about celebrating love and romance.

|1. Outdoor dining trolley, $999, from Harvey Norman |2. Chroma glass candle – large – lush magnolia, $59.99, from NOOD |3. Aroma botanical electric diffuser, now $111.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond |4. Puzzle, 1000 piece, assorted, $15.00, from Warehouse Stationery |5. Sleep charcoal satin nightie, now $23.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond |6. Nautica Catch of the Day beach towel, now $29.99 Briscoes |7. Claro NZ hiker hat, $34.99, from Rebel Sport |8. Neon light ox – XOXO, $99.99, from NOOD |9.Tablefair picnic cooler bag for four people, $159.99, from Briscoes |10.Zagg iPad 10.2 inch rugged, messenger folio, black, $199.95, from Warehouse Stationery.

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.