13 February 2020

I remember the first time I moved away from home. I was starting University and I would be sharing a room for the FIRST TIME. I remember picking out bedding, towels and storage – all matching of course – in an peach and mint ocean theme so everyone would know I was from the beach. Yes, that was VERY important that people knew who I was by the personality of my sheets. 😀


Yet what I was really doing was creating a happy haven where I could feel relaxed and inspired to dream BIG. It was the pictures I pinned to the all (surfers & surf bands), and the scent of my candles (coconut & lime) and the music I played (can you believe surf music?!).

Even if you do have a smaller place to call home, it’s your space. Make it all about you. It doesn’t have to be a huge renovation – it’s the subtle hints that will not only share who you are with others, it will also make you feel at home. And when you feel at home, don’t you feel more authentic and confident to go conquer that bigger world out there?

Luckily, The Plaza is a great destination for you to explore who you want to be, and what that looks like everyday. From whimsical bedding, to motivational stickers and quirky dishes – we have you covered. Toss in a game and a clock for your tunes, and you’ll always be ready to entertain. That’s my favourite part!



After your space is in place, it’s time to dine. We have some great options whether you want to upgrade your normal coffee or breakfast smoothie, or hit the road with friends for a burger, noodle or sushi feast. More to share, right? And celebrate this new chapter in your life. YAY!


TOP: Clockwise from top left: Gadget Shop The Ultimate Pub Quiz from Whitcoulls, SDigital Q6 Bedside Alarm Clock with Bluetooth from JB HI-FI, Linen House Pani Duvet Cover Set from Farmers, Free to be ME Jumbo Sticker from Typo, Robert Gordon Kids Plate & Mug Set, Rainbow from Stevens, Leopard Print Bath Towel from Kmart.

BOTTOM: Clockwise from top left: The Plaza has several options for all your faves.You can grab a coffee at Columbus Coffee, Phil & Jo’s or Muffin Break, sushi at Ocggi Sushi, noodles at &Bowl, Ramen Ippin or Red Lantern, burgers at McDonalds or Kabbaba, shakes at Shake Shed & Co. orTank, and donuts at Donut King. Don’t forget we also have Shamiana for curry & Bing House for Bao buns & dumplings. You don’t ever need to cook!

Note: Availability of products featured are subject to change. Images of food used for inspiration. Actual dishes may vary. Please check in store for details.