23 February 2022

I’ve just had a girlfriend come to stay with her six-month-old baby. That, coupled with the fact I have a few nieces due to become mums soon, has had me focusing on little people lately.


With my nieces it’s been a case of looking for gifts to buy and with my girlfriend it’s been a matter of observing what she’s pulling out of her car to use while tending to her wee babe. Highchairs, for example, look a tad different to what my children sat in when eating and spitting out rusks and pureed vegetables; and baby monitors are certainly moving with the times – like the one I sourced at Harvey Norman, offering the ability to see, as well as hear, baby. Some things haven’t changed so much though, like decisions around when to transition toddlers to beds, and old-fashioned fun things that continue to appeal despite the lure of technological toys. The roadmap mat I found at Briscoes is a case in point. Many a model of matchbox toy – accompanied by the mandatory brmm brmm noises – was driven over the road map my children had. (By the way, there is a wonderful array of children’s rugs at RusRus.) My children also covered kilometres with one of those toy lawnmowers too (another Briscoes find).

Back to the discussion on beds, for those looking for beds for littlies, Westgate Lifestyle offers furniture shops with a range of options such as starter beds, bunks with trundle beds underneath to pull out for when friends stay, and bunks too.

There’s no need to look far for baby gift ideas either – like the cute star-shaped light from Lighting Plus and the snuggly blanket from Freedom Furniture. While it’s the norm for me to buy books as presents for little people, I may well be tempted this time to turn the page and purchase something different. How cute are those storage baskets from Bed Bath & Beyond, for example?

In summation, I am pretty sure you will have no trouble finding little people shopping inspiration at Westgate Lifestyle.  Have fun and enjoy the slashed prices.

|1.Busy Town kids mat, now $32.99, from Briscoes |2. Paw Patrol craft tote, 49 piece, $29.99, from Warehouse Stationery |3. Pink star table lamp, $34.95, from Lighting Direct |4. Uniden 2.3” wireless baby video monitor, $247.00, from Harvey Norman |5. Wooden labyrinth puzzle, now $11.99, from NOOD |6. Koopman kids’ lawnmower, now $15.00, from Briscoes |7. Louey Blanket, $104.95, from Freedom Furniture |8. Junior Co mermaid bunting, now $22.40, from Bed Bath & Beyond |9.Niko & Co kids’ bear storage basket, now from $29.90 to $34.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond |10.Jack ‘n Jill single bunk, $1,499, from Bedpost.


Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured, are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.