20 January 2022

Santa is a good guy – there’s no arguing that – but sometimes he just doesn’t get everything right. As a result, it may be that about now is a good time to head to the shops (all the sales reinforce this idea) to buy those things you were hankering for… that Santa didn’t deliver! It’s also a great time to go spend those Westgate Lifestyle vouchers you may have received (such fun) and to purchase things these hot days have told you that you really need (like a beach umbrella, different sized coolie bin, water toys, alfresco dining things etc). If you’ve discovered that more outdoor seating wouldn’t go amiss, there are plenty of Westgate stores offering solutions, including NOOD – if you like the undeniably stylish lounger I have featured then best get in quick as that price is an introductory offer only.



Of course, this is also the time of the year when you possibly have a few New Year’s resolutions to embrace (as you promised yourself on New Year’s Eve). It could be that the resolution involves improved fitness (hence the fitbit I feature) or that you will dedicate more time to fun and less to the mundane (therefore the robotic vacuum cleaner pictured that can help tackle chores).

Call me weird, but this is the time of the year when I make the most of the sales with next Christmas in mind (forgive me if that concept gives you the shudders, but I did laugh at a shop sign the other day that said “only 340 days to Christmas”). Now’s the time when I access whether, for example, my children could do with a new beach towel for next summer – there are cheaper ones on offer than the one I include here, but I’ve never been able to resist things featuring sea horses (ever since I discovered the males of that species give birth. Excellent effort!)

Oh, and I’ve included an example of the beautiful Simon Gault crockery range from Briscoes, as a selection of pieces could make a nice wedding present, I was thinking. I have a few weddings to attend over the next wee while, as will many people, I suspect, due to the fact Covid-related lockdowns caused postponements of many nuptial ceremonies.

While only two of my products pictured feature “sale” signs, rest assured, plenty of the others – and a heck of a lot of other things – are all at slashed prices. Making the most of these, while taking a break from the sun in an air-conditioned mall, could be a gift in itself. What do you say, Santa? Happy New Year shopping, I say!

|1.Elvira acrylic pitcher, $26.50, from Freedom Furniture |2. Terrace lounger – natural, $499, from NOOD |3.Simon Gault café series blue speckle rect platter 36.7×15.2c, $29.99, from Briscoes |4.Gather Home Co Terra cheese board with handles, from $17.40 to $19.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond |5.Hoover ranger robot vacuum cleaner, $349, from Godfreys |6.Outdoors summer umbrella Cabana, $63.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond |7.Nautica seahorse beach towel, $40, from Briscoes |8.Waboba zag water bouncing ball, $10.79, from Rebel Sport |9.Fitbit Inspire 2 – Desert (rose/black), $199, from Harvey Norman |10.Jandal hanger sign, $50, from The Importer.