19 December 2022

Don’t hate me for it … but, I have finished my Christmas shopping. If that fact makes you feel in any way dispirited, then rest assured I am here to help.



Here’s my first thought: as I’ve been battling traffic over the last week during my mission to complete my shopping ahead of time, I revisited the realisation that easy parking is one of the many things Westgate Lifestyle has in its favour. Second thought: how fabulous it is to just park the car (in an easy to acquire park) and treat the cluster of retail offerings as a one-stop shop. Third thought: shops like Bed Bath & Beyond, Briscoes, NOOD and Freedom Furniture are excellent places to visit when you don’t know what to buy – there are so many great ideas to be found in such stores, so visit to get rid of your “what to buy” stress.

I have also noticed so many people in my world are needing to buy “Secret Santa” gifts (or one extra little thing) and the amount tends to be $50 or less. And so, here’s my other way of providing shopping assistance. The product featured here has been sought with Secret Santa in mind and are in the required price bracket – well, the outdoor game is $10 more but it’s worth pushing the boat out and paying that extra bit if the present is just perfect, I reckon. And, while the sandals featured hug the $60 mark there are plenty others at cheaper prices.

So, without further ado (after all, you may well still have shopping to do) enjoy checking out what I’ve found and hopefully these ideas will be just what you’re after, or at least trigger a suitable idea, or even form part of a present. What’s also wonderful is that there are sales galore. Sending you wishes involving not only happy shopping, but sunny and jolly days ahead. Catch you next year.


|1. Gather Home Co. Alfresco bowl, medium, now $44.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond |2. Lori Basket range, now from $48.50 to $62.50, from Freedom Furniture |3. Tommy Bahama Hibiscus Grove Beach Towel, now $47.99, from Briscoes |4. Design Republique – lata lantern, now $39.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond |5.Madera white/timber large table lamp, now $39.00, from Lighting Plus |6. Camelbak Eddy + Bottle charcoal 1 litre, now $29.59, from Rebel Sport |7.Brooks Men’s Slides, $59.99, from Number One Shoes |8. Hoopla, $59.99, from NOOD |9. Footed pot set – gunmetal, now $49.50, from NOOD |10.Nike Women’s featherlight running cap, now $35.99, from Rebel Sport.

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.