02 May 2019

It's no secret that Mother's Day is fast approaching.

Mother and child


Everyone does Mother’s Day differently. In my family, we don’t just celebrate my mum. We celebrate my mum and my nana, because they are both amazing ladies who have brought us kids up with some pretty great values, our wits about us and a whole lotta love, for which we are eternally grateful. We celebrate my aunty, because she has been like a second mum to us, and this year we’ll also be celebrating my sister, who became part of the Mum Club nine months ago when she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I attempted to get myself in on the celebrations this time but apparently plant babies aren’t a thing (who would have thought!?).

My point is, I’ve got a bunch of ladies who need to be celebrated, but, they all like different things. So, the question is raised – what on earth do I buy each one?!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably in a similar debacle, so read on and we can get through this together.

Whatever kind of mum you have in your life and whatever your budget, here are some ideas to help you nail the perfect Mother’s Day gift.


Got a mum that’s into all things sporty?


Gifts for the sporty mum

Yoga mat from The Warehouse, headphones from Mi, cap from Stirling Sports, bum bag from Stirling Sports


Or a mum that loves to curl up on the couch with a good book?


Gifts for the book-worm mum

The Tiger Catcher by Paullina Simons, Lost Roses by Martha Hall Kelly, A Dream of Italy by Nicky Pellegrino all from Whitcoulls


Maybe your mum likes to one-up everyone in the kitchen 


Gifts for the chef mum

Eat by Chelsea Winter, 3-tier serving platter, wine decanter and wooden serving cutlery all from Stevens


Or maybe, some TLC is just what she needs.


Gifts for the snuggle mum

Glasshouse candle from Redcurrent, gold bubble bar from Lush, dressing gown from Peter Alexander, moisturizer from Kiehls, lounge boots from Hannahs


Remember, it’s the thought that counts! Mother’s Day is all about celebrating how amazing she is and the love she has given you. If you’re still stuck for ideas, you can also give her the gift of choice. A Sylvia Park gift card can be used at over 800 stores nationwide and will mean mum can pick out whatever she wants!

Happy shopping and have a lovely Mother’s Day.