02 September 2020

Spring has come knocking at our doors. The doors were probably already ajar as, after weeks of level three Covid restrictions, many of us were out of there. See you later front door mat!

Out, and rejoicing in the fact we no longer need to be homebound. With our face masks at the ready, we’re off experiencing life at level 2.5.


We know from the news that flights to NZ’s own playgrounds, such as Queenstown, are full of Aucklanders ready to holiday in their own country… ready to just get away from home.  Many of us are simply satisfied to get out of the neighbourhood, visit our favourite beach, do school drop offs, and enjoy the delights of cafes we love. Simple pleasures, yes, but such a big deal.

While level 2.5 obviously comes with restrictions, that ability to get out and about and engage with a slightly expanded number of friends and family is a thrill in itself. The fact this coincides with the arrival of Spring is all the more wonderful. And so, I’m celebrating outdoor pursuits… with products selected to suit days out and about. Whether that’s zooming around on a scooter, heading to the hills for a long run with a fitbit on the wrist, or to the beach for a picnic… thankfully it’s a step closer to our normal of old (or should I say a step closer to the new normal we’ve adopted this year.)

Of course, there’s the chance to swap out some of that on-line shopping with in-shop purchasing too. So, head on out to the mall, make the most of the Spring specials, and help our retailers as they navigate these tricky times. It’s a good time to buy items traditionally associated with winter, such as gardening gumboots (on special at Bed, Bath & Beyond) and jackets (an array of specials at Rebel Sport). Speaking of gardening, if your thumbs are not green, there’s a massive selection of rogue (or faux) plants in our Westgate Lifestyle stores. You’ll be hard pressed to kill those!

I’ve included some wet weather gear here too as, much as we love Spring’s sunny nature, she can be fickle. Happy shopping outings.

1.Samsung Galaxy watch, active, silver, $349, from Harvey Norman |2.KPN folding, weekend bag, $7.49, from Briscoes |3.Mandala doormat, $49.95, from Freedom Furniture |4. Globber 3-wheel primo fantasy lightup FWHLS scooter, $152.99, from Rebel Sport |5.Rubbermaid, wheeled cooler bin, 56.7 litre, $197.00, from Briscoes |6.Outdoors pink ankle gumboot, $29.90, from Bed, Bath & Beyond |7.Rogue Echeveria, $179, from Freedom Furniture |8. Puma men’s first mile utility jacket, $118.99, from Rebel Sport |9. RF hydration bottle, jungle, 500ml, $14.99, from NOOD |10. Outdoors inverted umbrella, multi-flower, $39.90, from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.